WARNING!!! Hideous work-in-progress art posted below!!!

Day in the life of a ‘Virtue’ comic:

  • Kim comes home from work, looks at the laptop, and panics a little on the inside… “I’ve only got a few more days to finish it!”
  • She locates the notebook where the sketches for future comics are kept, glances inside at the scribble of pencil that was left there the week before and attempts to read her own handwriting.
  • Feeling confident, she turns on the laptop, makes sure the cats haven’t chewed through the Wacom tablet cord, and locates the stylus for said tablet between the couch cushions.
  • Opens a new document in Photoshop CS, 2100×3000 px, 300 dpi.
  • Uses guide lines and pen tool to create the gutter lines, and sketches out the comic on a new layer overlaid in some bright color that will scream “I AM THE SKETCH LAYER!! IF YOURE INKING ON THIS LAYER, YOUR DOING IT WRONG!!”
  • Takes a snack break.
  • Lines the comic on another layer or three, then creates another layer and blocks out the colors.
  • Takes another snack break. (Hey, inking takes me some time…)
  • Shades and highlights blocks of color.
  • Adds paper texture layer, and floating lights layer.
  • Adds text bubbles on a layer with black ‘stroke’ turned on.
  • Signs bottom, shrinks image to the proper pixel size for the web, and tries to remember not to save over the original file.
  • PS: this whole list takes about three days to get through, with one of those days being weekend days.

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